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Review: Truly mesmerising!!!......... WOW!!! (#1488)

 Date of Review: 3 months ago (11-02-2018)  |    Date of Visit: 4 months ago (02-02-2018)  |   Review by: stokiedundee  |    Return to Ashleigh's profile

So I decided to try different place for a change, and decided to book with the beautiful and amazing Ashleigh. First I waited in the reception area, where I was greeted by the lovely polite receptionist, as I was early you see. I was then shown to the room by the receptionist, where I began to undress, and as I was doing so in walked the beautiful mesmerising Ashleigh, who was really friendly. It was then onto my belly for a nice relaxing massage, which she did beautifully, with her nails stroking my back, wow!!! It was then on with the hat, as she began to give me some good head, as I played with her beautiful pussy / tits and ass. It was time to fuck, so I started off with missionary whilst kissing her beautiful neck, then it was cowgirl / reverse cowgirl, then I gave it her doggy, whilst playing with her beautiful clit and tits. She was amazing, and I WILL be seeing her again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her guys, as she's truly amazing, and although she looks totally innocent, DON'T be fooled!!! I mean........ WOW!!! Thank you Ashleigh, you're truly mesmerising, and couldn't stop thinking about you hours later!!! *Ryan aka stokiedundee*

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