Review of Bianca

Puts the Elite into Cheshire Elite (review #1664)

 Date of Review:
10 months ago

 Date of Visit:
10 months ago

Review by:
James Windsor

What a babe! Completely my type and a great booking.

Bianca is lovely, from the minute I saw her wander into reception (actually with another customer) I had to see her naked - and do the obvious with her!

It took awhile to get to see her and even whilst I was there, there were phone calls and other customers arriving hoping to see her. But eventually my chance came and I took it.

In the room she was even more delightful than out, she made a point of sitting next to me and opening the booking up with some light, ice breaking conversation and then proceeded to ask about the kind of service I have etc. We moved more onto the bed, whipped off our clothes and began.

Seeing her undress out of the black lingerie thing she had was a sight. I'll be replaying that for sometime ;).

We progressed into oral without, she was quite keen for me to touch her and get into the mood - which admittedly didn't take too long :).

Into a very enthusiastic missionary - on her part. Whilst it isn't my favourite position I do enjoy it a lot when the girl gets into it - like moving herself, grabbing my back, grabbing my bum etc. Missionary continued for awhile as it was probably some of the best sex I've had in that position.

Then, doggy style, my favourite one to finish in.

Some chit chat after the fun, a friendly hug and I left with a massive smile!

Definately would recommend Bianca to anyone looking for great sex with down-to-Earth, beautiful looking lady.

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