Reviews of Elise

Shropshire lad (#2559)

 Date of Review: 24-11-2022  |    Date of Visit: 24/11/2022 

Had a threesome today with Elise and Louise Elise entered the room 1st and started with French kissing thhan i went down on her has louise entered the room i let them have a kiss while i fingered both of them a 69 one after the other happened next they both cum when louise wanted to suck me further i had my finger up Elise ass than it was time to fuck both of them and it finished with Elise superb bj which made me cum in her mouth

Absolutely unreal (#2168)

 Date of Review: 05-08-2021  |    Date of Visit: 5/8/2021 

Elise is the best girl I’ve ever ass fucked. I had her ass juices dripping all over my cock and she licked every single bit of it up, see you again soon Elise😍

Thank you (#2130)

 Date of Review: 04-06-2021  |    Date of Visit: 3/6/2021 

Had just an utterly amazing hour with my wonderful gorgeous and very sexy Elise. I needed some good old fashioned TLC and "nurse" Elise was at hand to provide that plus lot lot more! She is the most amazing and naughty lady Ive met. She can look after me anytime! Thank you my sweet, you are one in a million!

Had to return (#2102)

 Date of Review: 14-05-2021  |    Date of Visit: 14/5/2021 

First saw this stunner 2 weeks ago and i just had to return she is stunning and extremely sexy and attentive ,treat her with respect ,and she will deliver in bucket loads owotc, french kissing is amazing and the cutest ass to fuck , loved every minute

Exceptional ! (#2090)

 Date of Review: 28-04-2021  |    Date of Visit: 28/04/2021 

My first parlour visit but a seasoned punter on AW,Sublimegent (my tag) , 5 star in every way, personality,great kisser,impressive owtc, sweet pussy will return

Super Elise (#2084)

 Date of Review: 21-04-2021  |    Date of Visit: 21/04/21 

Thank you again Elise. Really friendly and stacks of sex appeal. She went all out to give me the best time. As I said to the receptionist on the way out, "Holy moly, that girl is hot". Definitely will see again. Highly recommended.

Christmas came early...for me anyway! (#2021)

 Date of Review: 17-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 16/12/2020 

It may be still over a week away but Christmas came extremely early for me! Had an absolutely awesome hour with the gorgeous and very naughty Elise! As usual, she doesn't waste any time. She gets straight in the swing of things. With Elise you an experience that is second to none. Plenty of laughs, plenty of fun, and even more naughtiness. This lady is dynamite when it comes to sex. Merry Christmas sweetheart! XXXXX

hungary for cock (#2011)

 Date of Review: 07-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 28/12/2020 

She let me wear a hat with wine corks attached, and let me just say, CRIKEY COC!

She might be from Hungary, but lets just say she wasn't hungary for cock after.

She filled up a jar of piss for me to take home after.


Connor mgregor (#1990)

 Date of Review: 24-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 23/10/2020 

The most beautiful women I ever seen should be a model best half hour of my life well worth it

Review of Elise (#1989)

 Date of Review: 22-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 22/10/2020 

Believe the hype! I'm an experienced punter and in my opinion Elise is the best one yet. Amazing body and arse, a lovely genuine woman. The pinnacle of service. What are you waiting for?? She is worthy of a lot of respect. ❤

Simply Awesome (#1980)

 Date of Review: 08-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 8/10/2020 

is one of many words I could describe my lunchtime appointment with Elise. From the moment she walked in it was action all the way. Hardly had time to catch my breath at times. When kissing there were long periods when our lips seemed glued together. She is just totally totally amazing in all departments. She is extremely charming and incredibly beautiful. Thank you my sweet loving Elise! X

Wow (#1971)

 Date of Review: 24-09-2020  |    Date of Visit: 24/9/2020 

Beautiful girl with a naughty glint in her eye. Very relaxing time largely spent with a tongue in her pussy. Delightful..... think she enjoyed it too lol

Stunning (#1965)

 Date of Review: 16-09-2020  |    Date of Visit: 16/9/2020 

First ever time been she is so much more beautiful in person and licking her pussy and ars you just can't stop will be there again very soon

Unbelievable (#1904)

 Date of Review: 12-03-2020  |    Date of Visit: 12/3/2020 

I've seen several ladies over the years but WOW. Elise is is by far and away the best EVER. She knows exactly how to treat her man. Confident but not arrogant. Instantly felt at ease. Absolutely stunning and a girl I will 100% be back to see. Thank you Elise

Hunter (#1898)

 Date of Review: 20-02-2020  |    Date of Visit: 20/2/2020 

Wow de wow Amazing time

Cute But Oh So Naughty....... (#1884)

 Date of Review: 05-02-2020  |    Date of Visit: 5/2/2020 

I'd been wanting to see Elise for ages. Well I wan't disappointed on my visit today - now I know what all the fuss is about! Very pretty but oh so naughty. Didn't get round to actually having sex - the kissing and oral was just too good. Watching ourselves in the full length mirror with Elise on her knees and looking up at me for the finale - Oh My !! Hopefully an hour booking available next time.

Lovely Lady (#1880)

 Date of Review: 30-01-2020  |    Date of Visit: 29/1/2020 

Elise is a gorgeous slim blonde who oozes confidence and is totslly comfortable in what she loves to do..

As an older gentleman it can be difficult to raise to the occasion but I didn't have this problem with Elise. She could be a super model with her cute looks and figure.

The great thing about Elise is that if you treat her well a d articulate what you like she plays the part wonderfully. She has a very very naughty side that cannot be resisted. I managed to get her to cum twice with a RO that cannot be forgotten.

She pounced on my man hood front wards and backward with her on top. Sooo good.

Would recommend her absolutely.

tight arse (#1873)

 Date of Review: 30-12-2019  |    Date of Visit: 9/12/1912 

She played the part of a dirty schoolgirl. but talked like a dirty slut. begged for me to fuck her arse before school.then she sucked me so hard and swallowed the lot. Had her finish off by pissing over me and in my mouth.


 Date of Review: 11-12-2019  |    Date of Visit: 16/12/2019 

Iv wanted to see Elise for a while so when i got to cheshir e elite elise was in rep noticed my growing bulge in my trousers so off to the room we went we both stripped naked she commented now thats wot u call a big dick (im quire big there 9 half + proud of it) we started with owo + shes sucks like a hoover + i came really quick covered her face completely in cum then on to the sex miss then doggy i could feel her grip my dick as i fucked her doggy style as the hr was ending i let her sit on my face as i licked her out till se cum on my face then i finished with another facial on her another monday night finished 👍 Ps would like to hav a 2girl sex nxt time inc the receptionist who works on a monday love to sample her pussy2

Oh my (#1858)

 Date of Review: 08-12-2019  |    Date of Visit: 4/12/2019 

Walked in first time I was lucky. She was friendly on meet then it got naughty real quick, we fucked the massage off my cock was a 100 percenter. She spat on my cock and licked my shaft then swallowed it hole an gagged on it. She then asked me to fuck her cunt which I did well. Gave it my all balls slapping while she was moaning fuckkk meee n ohh I fucking did. She was absolutely loving my cock while I was fucking her like an absolute stallion. I then orgasmed as I blew my load mmm. I’ll be back for round 2 real soon.

potty mouth...yessssssssss (#1836)

 Date of Review: 29-09-2019  |    Date of Visit: 17/8/2019 

What a great fuck. I asked her to talk dirty and god she was the filfyest fuck I've ever had. No holds barred. She milked me with all 3 holes.

So good (#1829)

 Date of Review: 14-09-2019  |    Date of Visit: 12/9/2019 

Saw elise for the first time amazing body her oral skills are out of this world . I have problems finishing and she never stopped trying for the full 30 mins really likes her work will be back again

Awsome (#1795)

 Date of Review: 30-06-2019  |  

Half hour with Elise was awesome, great kisser and no holding back, what can I say absolutely stunning she is xxx

Amazing (#1784)

 Date of Review: 13-05-2019  |    Date of Visit: 12/5/1905 

Well I met Elise yesterday. 2 words “Simply Stunning”. Just like the Lotus Elise, slick, beautifully formed and red hot. Beautiful with an amazing body. Tastes like nectar. Xx

Elise showed me a good time (#1783)

 Date of Review: 12-05-2019  |    Date of Visit: 11/5/2019 

My first visit to see Elise, who is really a friendly person and a very experienced lady. She went out of her way to make me feel really pleased and satisfied, couldn't ask any more than that. It was great to spend time with her and I am looking forward to seeing Elise again soon. Her kissing technique was fantastic and much appreciated.

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