Reviews of Eve

Little Eve (#4380)

 Date of Review: 28-12-2022  |    Date of Visit: 28/12/2022 

Saw Eve today 28th Dec Wow what a body Loved every second with her. Put you at easy and brilliant at all aspects of the sex game loved RO till she come on my face then I shot my load in her mouth. Love this girl Thanks Gazz


 Date of Review: 22-12-2022  |    Date of Visit: 22/12/2022 

Thankyou so much you are the best ( foryet the rest ) will be back and soon cant thank you enough xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at ;east an hour next timemmmmmmmmmmmm ROB

Mark 22 (#4377)

 Date of Review: 20-12-2022  |    Date of Visit: 20/12/1912 

Thought id treat my self before xmas noticed eve was working iv been using a vacuum pump for a while believe me guys regularly use does make ur dick bigger i got out of shower as eve came in recognised me from last time as my dick was standing to attention on seeing her she said it looks bigger than last time which it is im nearly 9 inchs now i said nothing better than eve sucking on my bellend which is 6 inchs thick arossed then i got her on all fours for doggy she saod go in slowly its a thick dick so i eased my cock in +pumped away she is a bit of a screamer as i fucked her doggy style as time was running out i let her give me a blow job i pulled the condom off +"let her suck till i was ready to cum then i cum over her tits +it dripped down over her pussy which she has large lips down there

Eve the dirty little slut (#2399)

 Date of Review: 13-07-2022  |    Date of Visit: 18/5/2022 

Eve is exceptional at what she does. She just loves being a little slut and begs for more cock. In my encounters with her the sex very good and also the oral is and there is a connection between us (something you don’t always get) Eve likes it the harder the better and the bigger you are the more she moans. I am 8inches so she enjoys what o give her x


 Date of Review: 19-06-2022  |    Date of Visit: 22/6/2022 

Eve has a stunning firm,tight,tanned body.Always makes the effort with her makeup,outfit,etc.She’s fun in the booking & doesn’t waist any time & gets straight to it..The sight & feeling of Eve’s warm wet mouth with those fat lips around your cock is fucking amazing. Eve has the prettiest little pussy that is such a pleasure to get your lips & tongue to fuck lick kiss & eat her out.Then onto my favourite activity…. Eating her gorgeous arsehole.Tongue-Ing her arsehole is so delicious with your mouth all over her shithole,filling it with spit & then sucking it all out :p…… Then my favourite position…69 with me on top,cock drilling her mouth, the lovely feeling of her warm mouth all over my balls & my tongue buried deep in her arsehole. Another great position is when I get Eve on her back, head hanging over the side & then just the most amazing sloppy face fuck while your fingers getting her pussy all wet .Brilliant to fuck Eve in as many positions as possible… standing up with her legs wrapped around my back,standing up facing the wall with her arse pushed out,missionary with her legs behind her head,on top bouncing away & of course doggy & to finish by unloading your warm cum onto/into her mouth & then getting her to slowing drip it from her mouth into mine :).5star service with a fucking sexy as fuck SP.Looking fwd to the next meeting …..Dan xx

Hot suck and fuck (#2270)

 Date of Review: 08-01-2022  |    Date of Visit: 23/12/2021 

Put me at ease straight away.

Asked what I wanted so started with head. Some fantastic cocking skills. Worked my cock for a good ten minutes, calling me a big boy and if I was enjoying it. Even though I'm quite small.

She asked if I want to fuck her as I was close to cumming so over she bent and she begged me go fuck her hard and cum

Which I did.

Very happy

Lovely Dirty Filthy Fuck!!! (#2269)

 Date of Review: 06-01-2022  |    Date of Visit: 16/11/2021 

Small petite tanned blonde with a tight firm bod. Great oral skills…takes care of every thing from ur arsehole balls shaft & can go really deep when she swallows.Lots of tongue & spit.IMHO her best feature is her arse,more specifically her arsehole Perfect if ur into rimming. Came all over her tits & then rubbed it all over her bod & then licked it all off Lovely dirty filthy fuck.

Tiny sexy girl, smiling face, fucked doggy style (#2261)

 Date of Review: 21-12-2021  |    Date of Visit: 21/12/2021 

Lovely girl. I started with kissing her body, tits, then rubbing her pussy with my hand. Then she sat on my face and I gave her good licking. I waited a few minutes till she cum. Told me I made her cum. Then Eve gave me head without condom. Sucked it pretty good, dirty talk between...Then I banged her in doggy position, she was making some noises so I think she also enjoyed my average size cock. Thanked her after and had a few min chat. Funny English girl xx

Facefucked and CIM/Facial (#2165)

 Date of Review: 28-07-2021  |    Date of Visit: 27/7/2021 

Stopped by for my usual with Eve.

We began as we always do - with a little cuddle, a chat and Eve dropping to her knees when she is ready.

She slowly started to stroke my dick before taking it in her mouth. I let her do a lot of the work to begin with but then eventually move her towards the bed for a facefuck, she happily obliged by dangling her head over the edge… a little bit of gagging and deep thrust in on her mouth I pull out. Push her mouth to my halls and wank until I can shoot all over her pretty face and open mouth!

Could never be disappointed with Eve! She gives a hundred percent and is always willing.

As good as ever! (#2160)

 Date of Review: 20-07-2021  |    Date of Visit: 6/7/2021 

Popped in to see Eve for my usual oral service :)

She was wearing some cracking black lingerie, which I had her keep on to begin with.

I had her kneel down in front of me and she began to suck me, gentle at first but quickly it developed in to some face fucking and hard oral which is my thing and Eve knows it ;)

She made sure to keep checking on the balls too, every now and agin taking them gently in her mouth as i stroked my dick over her face.

When i was ready, I moved her tongue to the balls and pumped it for the final stretch - she gently flapped her tongue over the balls whilst I readied my load...

I gripped her hair and pulled her head back up so that I could take aim and shoot my load over her face/in her mouth... as soon as I reached to grab her head she knew exactly why and automatically opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue - loved it!

At some point during the session i had her take out her beautiful small tits for some additional encouragement.

Eve gives the one of the best blowjobs I've ever had and for a tiny girl can take it deep and rough with lots of spit and gagging meaning she also delivers one of the dirtiest sessions too.

Having her beg for you cum over her face or in her mouth is really hot too :)

Oral (#2148)

 Date of Review: 29-06-2021  |    Date of Visit: 29/6/2021 

Saw Eve today beautiful tanned body small tits with erect nipples which i gave a good sucking she loves giving blow jobs and i licked her pussy good which made her cum she sucked realky hard on my dick and we finished both satisfied

Tongue in her asshole! (#2069)

 Date of Review: 11-04-2021  |    Date of Visit: 24/11/2020 

Just before the last lockdown I saw Eve for the first time for just 30 minutes and spent the whole time I was her her with my mouth between her bum cheeks, my tongue wedged tightly in her tiny ass with her school skirt pulled up! Tastiest ass eva! Does she receive watersports? next time I want to piss over her!

Pocket rocket (#2033)

 Date of Review: 29-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 29/12/2020 

Met Eve today gorgeous blond sexy tight body ample pert little breasts with rock hard nips, soon had my Cock hard slowly wanked my cock as I watched her fingering her pussy she asked if I wanted to try couldn’t refuse and what I tight pussy and enjoyed tweaking her clit making it very wet Eve started putting on condom as she wanted my cock in her mouth wasn’t long before I was ready to taste her juice as she cum over my face was nearing my end she pulled off condom to fill her mouth spilling some as had been a long time since I had last cum . Just enough time for another condom on & doggy What a sight with her sexy Arse pulled apart hole staring at me Eve is gorgeous even covered with spunk defenitly one to book

Dream pussy (#2027)

 Date of Review: 22-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 15/12/2020 

One of the best punts ever petite sexy charming elegant got the lot don’t miss out on Eve no one sucks a Cock better great rimming as well a must is Eves CIM exploded with her lips tightly close maybe a snowball next time and will even get to fuck that tight Pussy

Best Oralist ever (#2024)

 Date of Review: 20-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 20/11/2020 

Met Eve again walked in room in red tite dress black hold ups stunning asked if I wanted any else she smiled and said she would surprise me grabbing my Cock Eve pulled me to the bed and performed her amazing cocksucking skills expert no one Cums close to her Eve moved around so a cud see her pussy close up and lowered herself with her pussy lips daggling on to my tongue I began licking her delicious pussy Even had a rim of her Bumhole As Eve was still expertly sucking my cock Eve sensed I was close she whipped off condom and carried on until I flooded her mouth with my cream as she swallowed she began to grind down on my face as I think she must of CUM over my tongue lovely juices on my face Eve still sucking my cock began to get hard again Eve jumped up condom in mouth Eve rolled it over my cock and bent over the bed told me to push it in hard so I did as I was told one tite pussy nice bit of dirty talk as I was pourding her what an amazing view of her bum (pity no anal ) Eve then told me again she wanted my spunk in her mouth one amazing greedy girl. Keep Eve happy

Happy Guy (#2016)

 Date of Review: 13-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 13/12/2020 

Last minute booking with this beautiful lady. Very special and super sweet. Had a shower and then she walked in. Wow. Hugged and I felt my body respond. Asked if I wanted a massage. She was happy I wanted to get to the action. Took me to the bed wanking my cock as she led. Amazing very wet oral without before moving into 69 with her on top. Never seen or tasted such a sweet pussy in my life. Time for some amazing cowgirl after she used her mouth to roll on the condom. So hard not to cum. Over into mish looking into her amazing eyes. Slow and steady. Then into doggy for some fast pumping when she said she wanted me to cum in her mouth. What can you say to that? After lots of lube and expert hand and tongue skills I was soon letting loose into her eager mouth. Wow she was so keen. Loved seeing her clean my cum overflow from her body. Amazing for a half hour booking. Next time it's at least an hour. Treat her well guys. She is in a class of her own. I'll be back. X

FAF!! (#2014)

 Date of Review: 12-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 12/12/2020 

Bought a little something for Eve to wear & she looked FAF in it Keeps you hard from beginning to end & with out doubt a gorgeous lovely filthy fuck.On another note the receptionist on a Saturday is flipping stunning.Gonna have to see if she'll join us :P

Sexy sexy eve (#2010)

 Date of Review: 06-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 4/12/2020 

Wat and amazing time eve I r stunning great body. Tight tasty pusdy bj amaxing and wat a lovely firm ass . Tasted do good cu again soon xx

Wat a pleasure (#2008)

 Date of Review: 06-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 20/09/2020 

Saw eve was amazed at her oral skills 1st class I'm older in 60s but not a prob for her. Managed to keep going full hr a real treat thanks eve

Great facesitter (#2007)

 Date of Review: 04-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 4/12/2020 

Met with Eve after arranging on Wednesday And asked to have a pair of her worn panties she entered the room and peeled them off and told me to sniff her gorgeous sexy pussy juice and placed over my face delicious I then asked her to sit on my face which she did until she CUM over my face on with the condom for fabulous oral session bring me closer she jumped on my Cock for a bit of reverse cowgirl didn’t last much longer and what a super tight pussy I even declined taken the panties ( wish I hadn’t can still taste them now ) great time spent will book hour next time to sample her pee as well

Splendid Cocksucker (#1995)

 Date of Review: 04-11-2020  |  

She sucks cock well.....her tits get nice and hard when you suck em...

Outstanding (#1991)

 Date of Review: 24-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 18/10/2020 

Just spent another hour with this gorgeous petite blonde.Best meeting so far....lovely dirty filthy fucking.Looking fwd to the next episode....

Mike (#1986)

 Date of Review: 14-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 13/10/2020 

Booked eve for a hour last night while I was waiting for eve to come in i started to take my clothes off then she walked in and I thought to myself wow this is going to be really good looking at her petite body with her white knickers on and I was not disappointed she is brilliant giving oral and receiving oral lost count how many times her juices flowed into my mouth while giving her oral 5 6 or 7 times absolutely awesome will definitely come see you again soon eve thank you xxx

Fire Cracker (#1984)

 Date of Review: 11-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 10/10/2020 

I spent and hour with Eve this afternoon.. A beautiful woman with an amazing personality and sexual intelligence. I only wish I had more time with her. I will definitely come back to see Eve again. Thank you!

Review of eve..... (#1983)

 Date of Review: 10-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 26/9/2020 

Started using this parlour recently and am very impressed!! Eve is lovely, really friendly attractive young woman with a sexy, tanned, toned body and the most amazing atse! Her attitude and approach to the job is amazing. Top respect to her, highly recommended!

Absolute Babe (#1979)

 Date of Review: 07-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 9/9/2020 

Booked Eve for 1 hour and was not disappointed. She entered room and I still had my boxers, she walked over with her bra and knickers on and asked if she could take my boxers off. Off they went and she was grinning like the Cheshire Cat and said someone is happy to see me and put it straight into her mouth. She went deeper and deeper with plenty of eye contact and spit involved. She then stopped and off went her bra to show her pert little tits off which I then sucked her nipples. I then slid her knickers off and pushed her onto the bed and began to eat her wet pussy. Plenty of moaning going on then she grabbed a condom and put it on for me and told me to fuck her doggy. She was tight and my 8 inch cock was now in deep and she was telling me to go harder. A few mins later I had filled the condom. Off went the condom and she went back to work sucking my cock. She said she wanted more so we went into a 69 and she cumed for me and then I was hard again. She went too to start then we got up and fucked her against the wall. We then went back to the bed for missionary and I was about to cum so she wanted me off so I could cum in her mouth. We chatted for a few mins afterwards and I left with a massive smile on my face

Eve (#1976)

 Date of Review: 03-10-2020  |    Date of Visit: 3/10/2020 

Absolutely brilliant, greeted like a long lost friend , wonderful personality, fit as f with a body to die for. Can't fault her a wonderful experience today, thank you so much.

Almost a gargle! (#1972)

 Date of Review: 26-09-2020  |    Date of Visit: 26/9/2020 

Saw Eve again for my usual face fuck and squirt. As good as ever, in fact better now that she knows that’s what I want 99% of the time.

She just gets onto her knees and begins.

A little pumping of her mouth - lots of spit and jerking with eye contact. She’s not afraid to impale her own throat or have you push it deeper... it has to go right in though :).

I had her lay on the bed and her work it some more with a few more pumps from me until I was ready to take the reigns. I laid her flat and just had her stick out her tongue as I brought it to the edge over her - her little tongue rubbing nicely against the back of the head.

Well I came - I hadn’t cum in four days - right into her mouth, some even spilled onto her neck. She swilled it around her mouth so I could see her hold it all in her mouth.

She spat it out. We cleaned up. A hug and kiss.

Another great oral only session!

5 star treatment (#1959)

 Date of Review: 17-09-2020  |    Date of Visit: 08/09/2020 

Very petite and sexy with a lovely personality that puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. 

Started off with a massage, then onto oral both ways, full intercourse and finished of with cim with the aid of anal play on me. 

She goes above and beyond to make your time with her special. 

Next time I'm booking for the full hour.

Best bj ever (#1956)

 Date of Review: 17-09-2020  |    Date of Visit: 09/09/2020 

Omg what a girl she defo loves he job and is good at it carnt wait toc u again

Another load... (#1933)

 Date of Review: 17-09-2020  |    Date of Visit: 12/08/2020 

Returned to see Eve. Had her on her knees sucking me off with lots of spit, gagging and even a little bit of face fucking. She wasn't shy about giving the balls some attention either. 

We took a brief break from oral where I had her rin me. She tongue fucked my ass for a little while and closed the cheeks around her face several times. She went all out on the rimming, very nice. 

Back on her knees, I wanked as she kept her mouth to my balls... her head back up when I was ready to cum. Blasted it all into her mouth, making sure she got every drop of it!

She kept her lips tight around it until it had all been shot. Another enjoyable experience! 

Next time I must try to get something in her ass ;)

Completion queen (#1926)

 Date of Review: 17-09-2020  |    Date of Visit: 4/8/2020 

If you are looking for a nice wet blow job Eve is your girl. 

She's a tiny babe who looks great naked and I'll never tire of her bobbing up and down on my dick. 

After lots of sucking... most of it as deep as she could. I came and she took all of my load in her mouth. Lips firmly placed on around the head. Eye contact throughout. 

She hopped up and after she spat it out she commented it was a mouthful. Felt very satisfied with that. 

Next time I must get her to do it on her knees and show me her load filled mouth before she gets rid of it lol!

Stunning first visit. (#1870)

 Date of Review: 19-12-2019  |    Date of Visit: 16/12/2019 

First ever visit to Cheshire Elite, always had an eye on Eve, young girl, stunning, does exactly as the profile suggests, spent an excellent hour with her and will be back for more,

Stunner (#1838)

 Date of Review: 06-10-2019  |    Date of Visit: 1/10/2019 

Gorgeous petite sexy horny blonde.Great service good laugh & a perfect little bottom Eve definitely knows how to please.Looking fwd to our next session

Another great session (#1833)

 Date of Review: 25-09-2019  |    Date of Visit: 24/9/2019 

Had another great session with Eve yesterday.

She’s always fun to see.

Wasn’t in a full Sex mood so went just for OWO and CIM which was delivered with lots of spit, hand and mouth action. Great eye contact too.

Would recommend.

Mr (#1823)

 Date of Review: 03-09-2019  |  

Just had a wonderful time with eve, well what a girl her body is amazing from head to toe and has the prettiest pussy I've ever seen. Definitely coming back to see her again. She came into the room and we started of with a massage then she climbed on top of me and did her thing, few moments later we went to doggy I pulled out and gave her a warm load of cum in her mouth and she took it like a pornstar! 5 stars all the way!

sucked me dry (#1811)

 Date of Review: 18-08-2019  |    Date of Visit: 17/8/2019 

Soon as she came in her little mouth was on my cock. Wow can she talk dirty. best rimming i ever had. Had a go in all holes then she swallowed the lot. finished off with a drink of pee right from the pussy. great. She peed in a bottle for me so i could have some for later. good girl.

Mark 22 (#1808)

 Date of Review: 23-07-2019  |    Date of Visit: 23/7/2019 

I decided to see eve today as i love small tits on a girl +she fit the bill got show to the room as soon as eve shut the door she had my dick out of my trousers instantly +into her mouth getting standing to attention we then both stripped off +into the shower together soaping each other down + then she pissed on my face tasted nice then onto the bed decided on doggy 1st as iv got a big dick 9inch was sure if it all would fit but it did s i fucked her from behind then went she went on top as time was running out she asked if she could sit on my face to right i said then with mins to go she wanked me off by hand + i cum all over her face 1 hell of a randy lady as arnie said ill be back Ps eve please grow ur pubic hair massive turn on 4 me girls who hav it

eve loves rimming (#1805)

 Date of Review: 20-07-2019  |    Date of Visit: 21/7/2019 

wow had this little girl for 1hr. She did everything and best was her tongue up my arse. A good anal to mouth then spunked all over her face. lovely.

Amazing facial!!! (#1803)

 Date of Review: 17-07-2019  |    Date of Visit: 17/7/2019 

Eve is a lovey girl down to earth with a super tight body.

Amazing oral skills with lots of deep throat it was so good I didn't have sex and to finish the most amazing facial it was so messy all over her face and in in her eyes. So hot.

Thanks babe will be back real so

Pocket rocket (#1794)

 Date of Review: 30-06-2019  |    Date of Visit: 19/06/2019 

Booked eve for 1/2 hour but after 5 mins with her turned that into the hour and glad I did.This young lady loves to fuck & everything else in between Had a great no holds barred session with this petite little nymph.Great attitude good laugh & crazy sex.Spent the hour with my tongue buried deep in her lovely Little asshole & my cock in her mouth.Fucked in cowgirl missionary doggy standing up in front of the mirror & finished with my come going into her lovely warm wet mouth

Awesome, cute little blonde! (#1786)

 Date of Review: 07-06-2019  |    Date of Visit: 4/6/2019 

One of my new favourites at Cheshire Elite. This girl is just beautiful!

Eve is tiny with a bubbly personality, she's smiling and giggling the whole time - a proper playful persona.

She has a great ass and I felt spoilt for being able to get as close to it as I did.

This session was a quick one for me, normally I like a little chit chat before and after but I really did just fancy a quickie - I will take longer next time ;).

In the room, she joined me pretty much instantly as i stepped out of the shower and got naked after playfully asking me if she should take it all off, we climbed on to the bed her hand reached for the dick straight away shortly followed by her mouth.

I took OWO which was great. I must note that she didn't forget about the balls, so many OWO services that I have don't go that far so it was a nice change up from the usual.

Once ready she asked which position to start, I went for doggy - she placed her legs between mine which again made for a different experience the usual. She even commented that it'll be 'tighter for me now' so clearly a girl who aims to please!

She grabbed the pillow, arched her bag and got into it. I finished and we had some gentle conversation whilst we changed.

A great session with a great girl, I can feel many repeat visits coming in the future - especially with her list of extensive services!

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