Reviews of Fallon

True Dominatrix (#1785)

 Date of Review: 14-05-2019  |    Date of Visit: 12/05/2019 

Any doubts I harboured whether Falcon was truly dominant were dispelled after 5 seconds when She spat at me full in the face and laughed! This was absolutely what I wanted her to do and Fallon knew it! A absolute goddess with an amazing body and not afraid to tell me how perfect she was. I was of course in full agreement once I was able to speak! Thoroughly recommended!

Wow its been a fantastic 6 months (#1760)

 Date of Review: 24-02-2019  |  

of seeing Fallon most sundays. she's so nice and so naughty. l've now realised i've fallen much too much in love with her. i need to see other girls. i hope its ok to see her this thursday to say goodbye. i'll book in on wedensday to check. Xxx

another amazing session with fallon !! (#1750)

 Date of Review: 27-01-2019  |  

hi fallon i was expecting it to be fantastic but it was better than that! i'll take a pic of my ewes pressing round me waiting for their sheep cake. i think they like it more than the average guy likes sex!

Literally the perfect GFE (#1746)

 Date of Review: 17-01-2019  |    Date of Visit: 10/1/2019 

Wow! An amazing first encounter with this stunning milf. Red-hot, passionate session. I'll be back. Often!

She' s so nice . its a 4 hour round trip but she's worth it (#1744)

 Date of Review: 11-01-2019  |  

it's fantastic seeing her once a week if crewe was only an hour away i'd probably see her twice a week. i like trying lots things with her . never asked to be tied up before but with her seemed like a fun thing to do.she spat in my face and that was really nice. we also have some very interesting chats and very nice cuddles. going to miss seeing her this sunday. i think i|'ll be getting some new tyres due all the extra miles i've done in last few months. see you soon fallon xx ps i am used to distances. its 5 miles from my house to buy a pint of milk

Lovely person, gorgeous body and very naughty too (#1738)

 Date of Review: 25-12-2018  |  

thanks to fallon, some of the other ladies and 1 guy!! my 2018 sexual things to do list is done. i was still buzzing till i did a couple of hours work the following day. i hope to see her almost every sunday afternoon now till late march (ewes due to lamb) . i feel i had a bit too much fun the other day and deserve some mild punishment 1 time in january. i suggest throwing out me after 10 minutes only having had a cuddle and a chat. not something then i'd be back the next week wanting her even more!

Wow (#1731)

 Date of Review: 02-12-2018  |    Date of Visit: 2/12/2018 

Very interesting and nice lady. definitely will go there again

Gorgeous sexy lady (#1667)

 Date of Review: 02-08-2018  |    Date of Visit: 02/08/2018 

Just spent a amazing hour with doing hard domme totally satisfied left there with my cock and balls throbbing totally no holds barred will be seeing her again x

Heavenly apparition (#1586)

 Date of Review: 29-03-2018  |    Date of Visit: 29/3/2018 

Photos do no justice. Stunningly attractive girl with perfect slender body legs going on forever and gorgeous kissable boobs. Great half hour with both of us well satisfied. If I never had sex with anyone else for the rest of my life I would be happy.

Lovely Lady (#1545)

 Date of Review: 10-03-2018  |    Date of Visit: 08/03/2018 

Had the pleasure of spending half an hour with Fallon on Thursday, half a day would have been better. All the girls here are nice but she is definately one of the best. Very beautiful with a great sexy body and one of the nicest personalities ever.She instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel very special. In the room she is your girlfriend in every possible way, doesn't rush, very friendly and so sexy. If you haven't seen her then you are missing out. She is lovely in every way and deserves the utmost respect. The receptionist was also very friendly and efficient, one of the best places around X

john (#1397)

 Date of Review: 29-01-2018  |    Date of Visit: 27/01/2018 

amazing woman made me feel comfortable great sex great body absolutely loved the half an hour with her shes fantastic i will be back to see her again very soon xx brilliant 30 mins unforgettable .xx

Lovely sexy lady (#1150)

 Date of Review: 16-09-2017  |    Date of Visit: 14/09/2017 

Had a great time with this gorgeous lady. She is very friendly and chatty, easy to get along with, fantastic body, gorgeous face, beautiful sexy eyes, very attentive and eager to please. This lady makes you feel as if you are the only guy in the world and your pleasure is her only concern. Thank you so much Fallon. Can't wait til next time! XXX

Fallon the Godess (#1041)

 Date of Review: 06-09-2017  |    Date of Visit: 07/09/2017 

I'm so glad I to have found her again. Fallon is everything in her description and more. She stands like a classical sculpture of the most perfect female form but she also has a very dark naughty side which can be seen in her eyes. To say she is very sexy is an understatement, from head to toe she oozes sexy appeal. I challenge any man to look at her without having dirty thoughts. I have been seing her for a long time and always leave feeling fulfilled and wanting to return. She is also a very charming person to talk to. X

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