Reviews of Louise

Dream girl (#2385)

 Date of Review: 01-07-2022  |    Date of Visit: 10/6/2022 

Louise is a fantastic lover. She is very enthusiastic and if you make her wet she is wild. Louise loves being licked clean but sometimes wants you to stop before she cums as she likes to cum when being fucked. She likes it best bent over on all 4s so you can go deep inside her and she will back her arse up too.

Rwhite (#2337)

 Date of Review: 28-04-2022  |    Date of Visit: 28/4/2022 

Went back to see Louise today. When she walked into the room I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was wearing a tight dress with patterns cut in it. That hourglass figure is irresistible. It ended up with her sat on my face with me licking her fanny, my favourite! I never got round to her breasts! Had sex doggy style, loved how her bum wobbled when my pelvis banged into her. I didn't ejaculate, never been a quick finisher! 30 mins is just not long enough. Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Ill have to book an hour Louise in future.

Rwhite (#2320)

 Date of Review: 01-04-2022  |    Date of Visit: 1/4/2022 

Went for a recce but ended up having a massage. My very first massage parlour experience. I chose Louise. Absolutely beautiful, her looks blew me away. Very tender woman. I shall return Louise!

The complete experience (#2272)

 Date of Review: 14-01-2022  |    Date of Visit: 13/1/2022 

Louise is the complete package. Beautiful, stunning, makes you relax with her massage technique and totally superb with the sex anyway goes. She has helped me through a difficult time and her empathy has made things easier for me. I love her for her touch, massage and pour sexy blonde hair, gorgeous body, perfect breasts and natural gorgeous nature. I'm your number 1 fan Louise. Love you xxxxx

First time (#2213)

 Date of Review: 01-10-2021  |    Date of Visit: 30 September  

Seen lousie yesterday what a stunner licked her sweet pussy till she come on my tounge finsihed by fucking her from behind will be back for more

By far the best (#2207)

 Date of Review: 23-09-2021  |    Date of Visit: 23/9/2021 

This can be summed up in 3 words. Wow wow wow. That’s all you need to know.

lovely louise (#2186)

 Date of Review: 02-09-2021  |    Date of Visit: 2/9/2021 

definitly the best and most natural down to earth girl in the industry, i dream of running away with louise and living happily ever after.

Queen of pleasure (#2179)

 Date of Review: 26-08-2021  |    Date of Visit: 26/8/2021 

I booked 30 minutes with Louise. She was amazing. My cock became erect as I saw her entering the room. She commented on my big dick and asked me if I wanted a massage and I replied yeah a little bit, and after a couple of minutes of the massage I wanted bj. She gave an amazing bj but I told her to stop as I was at the edge of cumming. Then we kissed each other and I sucked her beautiful tits. She played with my nipples and sucked on them, it was awesome. Then for the grand ending I fucked her after she put a condom on me in missionary position and we both moaned with pleasure and she encouraged me to give in and cum so I came. She asked me if I would come soon and I smiled and teasingly replied maybe but I will definitely come soon.

1st Time - what a time! (#2174)

 Date of Review: 14-08-2021  |    Date of Visit: 13/8/2021 

Dropped into Cheshire Elite for the 1st time yesterday and spent 30 minutes with Louise. Really attractive girl with a lovely hour glass figure. Nice n easy massage followed hand job, covered oral and a mind blowing finale me on top. She seemed to enjoy herself too and will definitely return.

Mr (#2154)

 Date of Review: 08-07-2021  |    Date of Visit: 1/7/2021 

Saw Louise the other week for a change. Earth-shattering GFE, better than my wife really. Full marks with distinction*!!


 Date of Review: 25-06-2021  |    Date of Visit: 24/6/2021 

This is 3 weeks in a row that I’ve visited Louise as she is irresistible. Again I was disciplined since my last visit and have done zero wanking at hone to ensure my tanks were brimming full of man milk.

Decided to start with a nice massage with baby oil and asked Louise to give me a good soaking in it as I was aching from recently returning to the gym after the lockdown lay off.

Once she’d sorted my back and shoulders out it was then onto my ball bag and meat stick. Out comes the sensitive lube and the professional wanking begins. In 30 years of punting I can honestly say that Louise gives the ultimate jerk off service, she has a technique and touch that is second to none. She cupped my balls in one hand and sensually tossed off my John Thomas paying particular attention to my helmet. As this was going on she was telling me how much she enjoys the lesbian two somes that she does with the other girls and in particular Elise. She said that licking Elises pussy drove her wild and that when she is at home alone she often wanks whilst thinking about licking other women’s pussies. All this talk got Rodzilla as hard as it’s ever been then she told me to slip my fingers into her snatch as she was so turned on. I slipped two fingers into her pink fortress and my god it was as wet as an otters pocket, she was so turned on after all the lesbian talk. At this point my Twanger was ready to launch its love bullets. Sensing this Louise increased the jerking rhythm then stuck her tongue down my throat. This finished me off, my body tightened up and the Baby Batter Blaster launched a huge projectile of spunk that cleared the bed and landed on the carpet, 5 more huge pumps of baby yoghurt followed before I collapsed on the bed totally spent. Louise then cleaned me up and insisted that next week when I visit then I must sample the lesbian two girl as she said she’d put on a special show for me. Wonderful amazing experience again. Thanks Louise. Xx

Banging Times (#2137)

 Date of Review: 11-06-2021  |    Date of Visit: 10/6/2021 

Well what can I say? Another sensational session with the absolutely amazing Louise. Following my session with her last week it was rude not to pay another visit for a repeat performance. Was hoping for a two girl with Elise joining in the fun but sadly Elise wasn’t working today so I’ll save that for another time. None the less I’d been looking forwards for a week to see Louise and I had been super disciplined over the last week and done no messing about with the old Throat Choker so I had a full bag of Baby Yoghurt to dispense. Louise came into the room looking stunning in a red basque and straight away popped her lovely tits out for me. We proceeded with a lovely massage which was predominantly focused on my arse, crack and sack. After some sensual tickling of the sack my 8” Spunk Trumpet was at full strength and swelling nicely. She flipped me over, lubed the One Eyed Yoghurt Slinger up and proceeded with a professional wank for me which was mind blowing. Unlike last week I was able to hold back and not shoot the Love Mayonnaise so now it was on with the rubber and time to attack the Pink Fortress. Louise wanted doggy first as she says it’s nice and deep so I slid my Cyclops Meat Rod into her lovely Snatch and pumped away enthusiastically with a big smile. Time for a position change and onto my favourite missionary. With her legs spread and in the air I wasted no time in getting the Cum Gun as deep as possible into her love box. After a few minutes her legs were shaking as she was cumming hard and I knew at this stage Harry Monk was calling so onto the Vinegar Stroke I go filling the bag with love snot whilst letting out several loud groans of delight. All in all, left again by the rear entrance, empty sack and a huge smile, what an awesome experience. Xx

Absolutely Sensational (#2132)

 Date of Review: 05-06-2021  |    Date of Visit: 4/6/2021 

This girl is something else and anyone who pays her a visit will come away with a big smile, an empty ball bag and wanting more.

She came into the room looking absolutely stunning, started off with a wonderful massage utilising lots of cream gently massaging me. She then squirted a nice trickle of cream down my crack and massaged my arse complimenting me on what a great ass I have. Slowly she reached my sack which was full of man goo and started to run her nails around it. The feeling was sensational and as a result my 8” purple headed warrior was solid as a rock.

She flipped me over then and we started to DFK with tongues lashing away then she squirted some lube over my cum gun and gently started to toss him off whilst stroking my heavy sack full of baby goo. Sensing that I was about to explode like a burst oil pipe she suggested inviting Elise in to watch the money shot.

Elise entered the room and started the dirty talk calling me a naughty boy with a huge cock. This got me past the point of no return and had me moaning with delight and then 2 weeks of hot Daddy sauce spurted out, the first shot jetted about 3 foot in the air causing Louise to squeal with delight as she watched a projectile of hot baby gravy just miss her. Several other big shots followed soaking Louise and causing Elise to say big boy cums like a pornstar.

Completely drained, Louise then cleaned me up and said that I must come back for a 2 girl next week which I will do. No tossing off for a week for me now so that I can save a full load for both next week.

Perfection (#2086)

 Date of Review: 22-04-2021  |    Date of Visit: 22/4/2021 

Visited Louise today. I’ve seen her before and many other lady’s here at Cheshire elite and other parlours and I’ve come to the conclusion Louise is by far the best around. Warm friendly and fantastic in the room. No rush chat afterwards. She’s worth every penny and more.

Luscious Louise (#2023)

 Date of Review: 18-12-2020  |    Date of Visit: 18/12/2020 

Well what can I say Louise is an absolute babe! She pleased me in every way I wanted can’t wait to see her again and her tits are absolutely amazing! A true angel!

David (#1889)

 Date of Review: 10-02-2020  |    Date of Visit: 10/2/2020 

This lady is a must see absolutely beautiful body really good figure ass to die for really friendly madame feel very comfortable and is just all round great I've seen a lot of the girls here and louise is the best by far

Stunning Louise WOW (#1850)

 Date of Review: 29-11-2019  |    Date of Visit: 29/11/2019 

The moment I saw Louise Today I thought Wow and was excited. After I showered she came into the room and the fun began. Absolutely fantastic amazing breasts and nipples, I loved sucking on them. We have each other a massage and I started to give her Pussy oral. She tastes so sweet and we both enjoyed. I got that carried away with licking her pussy time was up, she finished me by wanking me whilst I played with her gorgeous perfect shaped boobs. a second visit is on the cards. Very sexy lady xx

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