Reviews of Reagan

MIke (#7629)

 Date of Review: 02-03-2024  |    Date of Visit: 28/2/2024 

Noticed this lady working Wednesday Liked her photo's .Hence Seen Reagan last Wednesday, Wow her pictures don't do her justice. She oozes sex appeal Very Pretty face, Sexy Figure & very sexy legs. To top it all lovely personality & very good service. Left a very happy man. Hope she can work a few Saturdays to make it easier to re-see her.

Wednesday guy (#5540)

 Date of Review: 21-12-2023  |    Date of Visit: 20/12/2023 

amazing body , great body felt so at ease so quickly, best to book cos their will be a line , started with Oral with out(£10) well worth it lots of spiting on my Cock , had to tell her to stop as it was soooo good I was about to blow my load , then Reagan climbed on top and rode me like a porn star, then onto doggy when she started to moan and talk duty to me it was not long until I Came ,

Horny as fuck (#4505)

 Date of Review: 04-11-2023  |  

Reagan fabulous girl, sexy, horny and dirty as slutty, wet and hard sucking bj my hard cock, whilst playing with her tits and pussy and ass. Love her dirty talking and teasing, facefucking her on her back, licking her cunt and fingering her pussy and ass with Reagan moaning loud and wanting more with my hard cock in her wet hot cunt. Fucking her hard and pounding away with her moaning, cock out into her ass. How she cum hard.

Reagan still the best (#4454)

 Date of Review: 07-07-2023  |    Date of Visit: 28/6/2023 

I met Reagan for the first time over a year ago and she is still one of the very best. If you like dirty talk from a gorgeous Irish girl Reagan is the one you want. Very oral from her and loves to receive, plenty of moaning going on. The sex is where she goes wild and if you can can hit her spot doggy then you’re in for a treat.

Pretty Irish Blonde (#4369)

 Date of Review: 01-12-2022  |    Date of Visit: 9/11/2022 

Glad I got to spend 30mins with Reagan. She is unbelievably good in all areas. Amazing body and very responsive big nipples which she loves being licked and sucked. Fantastic arse and next time I will be fucking it! Sex was great missionary to start before she got on top before the finale from behind. Reagan was very wet by the end of our meet and tasted so sweet

Beautiful Irish Lady (#2435)

 Date of Review: 20-09-2022  |    Date of Visit: 16/9/2022 

First visit to Cheshire Elite, but was glad I came. The receptionist was lovely, and offered me a drink! Then I met the lovely Reagan. I love it when I get my cock sucked, and the sucking, was great! She had a great understanding of a mans needs, and after some good nob cleaning, I proceeded to sex. I really used her and did everything to get my dick, as deep inside her, as I could! Selfishly satisfying myself! Truly amazing experience.

Truly Great!! (#2434)

 Date of Review: 20-09-2022  |  

This girl, is a lovely person, as well, as truly professional! I would highly recommend!! Hopefully, next time the receptionist could watch, as I would love this type of support! Really love fucking, it's naughty, exciting, stimulating and dirty Reagan, is truly a must see, but would love the receptionist to watch and cheer me on! Thanks again!

Where girls are so pretty! (#2433)

 Date of Review: 20-09-2022  |  

Was needing some attention, so decided to book in with Reagan! She's a beautiful girl, and helped me overcome some of my insecurities and anxieties. I love these places, and Reagan is truly lovely. Intelligent, and sexy. She was eager to compliment me on my manhood, and it really did boost me, and when it came to the act, I felt so comfortable, it was like fucking my own wife. She knew what to say, her mouth was so well versed, in talking dirty, and a lovely personality. I really went at her, and I especially liked the way she told me to get my shaft deep inside her. Will definitely recommend, and see again, as I did. Came back for a second session on same day. Great girl! Xxx

circumcised knob (#2394)

 Date of Review: 07-07-2022  |    Date of Visit: 06/07/2022 

had Reagan Wednesday she came in the room I smiled at her and she smiled back I said you look gorgeous my cock stood on end when I seen her amazing figure and gorgeous arse she is perfect with a arse to die for she gave me a massage then give me a bj and then she rides my cock it was amazing and then I did doggy style with her and to finish me off she wanked me off I cum as I always do carnt wait to have anal with her again she as that perfect arse she is gorgeous

circumcised knob (#2387)

 Date of Review: 03-07-2022  |  

i had Reagan Wednesday she walked in the room smiled at me and I was very happy to see her again she gave me a massage and then give me a bj it was amazing and then she got on top of my cock and it was amazing then I did doggy style with her she is so gorgeous and as a perfect figure and then she wanked me off so I came then I wiped my self down it was lovely carnt wait see her again

circumcised knob (#2379)

 Date of Review: 26-06-2022  |    Date of Visit: 22/06/2022 

I had the gorgeous Reagan for one hour last Wednesday I did anal with her the first time I payed her extra she is tight and really amazing she as a perfect arse and I was proud to be inside it I will be seeing her again she was the first one I seen when I first went to Cheshire elite she is the best ive been with I only have one hour with Reagan I see her every week she is very friendly and makes me happy all the girls are so good there I am seeing her again she is so perfect and as a gorgeous figure

WOW...... amazing Reagan (#2365)

 Date of Review: 09-06-2022  |    Date of Visit: 5/5/2022 

My first time at Cheshire Elite. Checked Reagan's profile earlier the same day. I couldn't get the image of her fantastic arse out of my mind so couldn't wait to meet her. When she came in the room I wasn't disappointed. I'd read that she was OK with anal so it wasn't long before I had her on the bed in the "doggy" position with her arse sticking up. I knew she liked rimming so spent some time getting her ready with my tongue. On went the rubber and I entered her from behind. She is fantastically tight and I'm on the large side so I carefully slid my shaft deep into her. Once I was fully in I mounted her so I could fully enjoy her by thrusting deep with the sound of my balls slapping on her full arse cheeks. It was simply the best anal I have ever had and I made sure I came when I was deep in her arse. It's a day I'll never forget and can wait to see her again !!

Anal Queen (#2362)

 Date of Review: 08-06-2022  |    Date of Visit: 27/4/2022 

If you are after the best anal sex then look no further than Reagan. Absolutely lovely woman who is very friendly and sexy. I had enquired on the phone when making the booking about anal so when she came in the room and kissed me she asked if I wanted her arse! I then grabbed it bent her over the bed pulled down her knickers and gave her a quick rim and said yes! Paid her the extra and she started with a bj on me before then lubing it up while I lived her arse then in it went. Slow at first but she was begging me to go hard. Was about to shoot my load so pulled out and slipped into her juicy pussy to finish in the bag.

circumcised knob (#2355)

 Date of Review: 25-05-2022  |  

I had 30 minutes with Reagan on Wednesday she was amazing she is everytime I see her she lights up my face she is gorgeous and as amazing figure and lovely firm boobs and gorgeous arse I will be seeing her again most definite

curcucised knob (#2351)

 Date of Review: 11-05-2022  |  

had one hour with the gorgeous Reagan she is amazing make me satisfied everytime I see her she makes me feel at ease every time im very happy with her all the time she makes me feel welcome she is excellent and gorgeous she as the perfect figure

circumcised knob (#2345)

 Date of Review: 04-05-2022  |  

had Reagan today she was amazing she as a gorgeous body and lovely arse and big firm boobs she makes me happy everytime I see her she satisfies me everytime she is beautiful and perfect in every way she makes me feel at ease the 30 minutes were great I will be seeing her again

Amazing (#2333)

 Date of Review: 21-04-2022  |    Date of Visit: 30/4/2022 

This was my 3rd visit to Cheshire Elite, and it was a memorable one. It was my 1st appointment with the gorgeous Reagan. She made me feel at ease straight away with a slow massage, and lots of friendly chat, she's beautiful, with a great body too. After the massage we had some kissing, and OWO, which was amazing, she brought me close to cumming a few times. Then lots of sex, she went on top and rode me like a cowgirl, followed by me going on top, nice tight pussy, nice bum too. Finished off with doggy style, great view of her bum again, I cum really hard at the end. My cock was still tingling hours later. What a beautiful and friendly lady she is. Would recommend an hour so you can fully enjoy her with no rush, stunning.

circumcised knob (#2326)

 Date of Review: 14-04-2022  |    Date of Visit: 13/04/2022 

had 30 minutes with Reagan on Wednesday as I always do she is amazing and love every minutes with her she as a gorgeous arse and figure and lovely arse she as she satisfies me everytime I will be seeing her again she make me happy everytime I see her

Raunchy Reagan (#2308)

 Date of Review: 19-03-2022  |    Date of Visit: 2/3/2022 

Entering wearing a blue dress, I went to feel Reagan's arse as she felt up my cock, and discovered she was not wearing panties! This set the mood for a fantastic hour of raunchy shagging, with Reagan giving me a great sloppy bj in 69 as I rimmed her peachy arse, and it all ending in me cumming as we had a fantastic hard fuck in doggy.

Fantastic Hour!! (#2301)

 Date of Review: 02-03-2022  |    Date of Visit: 19/1/2022 

Met Reagan a few weeks ago and she blew my mind and my load. Her body is amazing and she is very responsive. Started with her giving me oral before I then returned the favour with some fingering and I have never heard or felt a pussy as wet! She then demanded I fucked her, so we started in missionary before turning her over to see that arse in work. Couldn’t hold it much longer and emptied my load in the condom. She then said we have still got 20 mins can you go again? So I rimmed her gorgeous arse before then she sat on my face whilst stroking my cock. As soon as it was standing again she slipped on another condom and rode me. Reagan then asked for me to fuck her from behind again which I did (very hard) and to finish I spunked over her tits.

circumcised knob (#2292)

 Date of Review: 18-02-2022  |  

I had a fukl 60 minutes with Reagan she as amazing body it is perfect and makes me feel welcome everytime see her she is perfect at whats she does hoping to see her again and many more times with her

Pusy licker (#2281)

 Date of Review: 02-02-2022  |    Date of Visit: 2/2/2022 

Saw Reagan in reception and my tongue hit the floor. Stunning looking lady,couldn't belive my luck.blonde Irish girl, slim body with great legs and bum. Had a little chat then started with a blow job,and onto reverse oral which I made her cum wow.finished in doggy emptied my full load in notch girl ,highly recommended. Thanks hun your a star

mr sexy (#2271)

 Date of Review: 14-01-2022  |  

had 30 minutes with Reagan she is amazing and very lovely and sexy she made me feel at ease everytime I see her she as amazing figure and lovely firm boobs she makes me cum everytime and feel a lot better

Beautiful Reagan (#2259)

 Date of Review: 20-12-2021  |    Date of Visit: 10/11/2021 

I had a 1 hour booking with Reagan and it was unbelievable. If you are into anal then Reagan is a must. Very keen for it and is extremely tight! Brilliant oral skills plenty of eye contact and loves the favour being returned. Also give her arse a good rim before fucking gets her in the mood

A keeper (#2252)

 Date of Review: 01-12-2021  |    Date of Visit: 1/12/2021 

Great personality, very pretty, lovely body and a sensual service tecommended, definetly a keeper

bryan (#2223)

 Date of Review: 12-10-2021  |  

Reagan was amazing excellent had lovely body fit and firm boobs she is amazing and had 30 minutes with her she made me feel at ease when I seen her lovely

masseur (#2197)

 Date of Review: 17-09-2021  |  

had 30 minutes with Reagan she was amazing and gorgeous she as amazing arse and perfect boobs lovely you need to have her she makes you feel at ease lovely

masseur (#2193)

 Date of Review: 13-09-2021  |  

she is lovely makes you feel at ease she as a gorgeous arse and beautiful body she is amazing and lovely personality she is perfect I had 30 minutes she was amazing you need to see for yourself

masseur (#2190)

 Date of Review: 08-09-2021  |  

she was amazing and made me relaxed ,Reagan was very beautiful you must try for yourself she is professional and excellent she as a gorgeous body every you would want had 30minutes it was worth it

masseur (#2185)

 Date of Review: 01-09-2021  |    Date of Visit: 2021-09-01 

Reagan was professional very experience and beautiful very well worth the money she was really good and will be having Reagan again

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