Reviews of Tammy

Wow (#4392)

 Date of Review: 13-01-2023  |    Date of Visit: 13/1/2023 

I feel like leaving a bad review just so I can get to see her more as she’s always in demand. She’s so good I feel I have to be honest. This girl is unreal

Perfect wow ???? (#2449)

 Date of Review: 07-11-2022  |    Date of Visit: 4/11/2022 

This girl is perfect I saw Tammy at 1.30 on Friday I’ve met Tammy a few times she is definitely the best I’ve seen here I always enjoy are time together she is next level x

Perfect wow ???? (#2448)

 Date of Review: 07-11-2022  |    Date of Visit: 4/11/2022 

This girl is perfect I saw Tammy at 1.30 on Friday I’ve met Tammy a few times she is definitely the best I’ve seen here I always enjoy are time together she is next level x

in the words of tina turner (#2446)

 Date of Review: 28-10-2022  |    Date of Visit: 24/10/2022 

Simply the best Better than all the rest Better than anyone Anyone I've ever met

Magic (#2441)

 Date of Review: 16-10-2022  |    Date of Visit: 14/10/2022 

I have seen Tammy a few times now and every time is absolutely amazing this Lady is awesome in every way beautiful body you would like to play with forever she is just amazing her smile when she walks in the room is so just makes you feel so comfortable booked Tammy for 1 hour pheeeww what a magical hour see you again soon Tammy ????

You look absolutely amazing in your photos

What a woman (#2439)

 Date of Review: 11-10-2022  |    Date of Visit: 10/10/2022 

I've seen Tammy Three or Four times now and I have to say she doesn't disappoint she is absolutely beautiful and eager to please thank you Tammy I'll see you again soon.

Amazing Sexy Tammy (#2438)

 Date of Review: 10-10-2022  |    Date of Visit: 10/10/2022 

Tammy is hands down the best experience I have had in a massage parlour. Been at it for 22 years. Says a lot about you Tammy. you are amazing.

Wow (#2436)

 Date of Review: 26-09-2022  |    Date of Visit: 26/9/2022 

I’ve saw Tammy a few times now and every time is perfect she’s a lovely person inside and out enjoyed todays 30 mins. X

This lady is perfect (#2426)

 Date of Review: 03-09-2022  |    Date of Visit: 2/9/2022 

I saw Tammy today for the second time she is perfect in every way Can’t wait for the next meet but needs to be an hour from now on as she is that good absolutely amazing figure perfect

Amazing (#2420)

 Date of Review: 19-08-2022  |    Date of Visit: 19/8/2022 

I saw Tammy today mind blowing she is stunning enjoyed the half hour will defo be back

Tammy (#2414)

 Date of Review: 15-08-2022  |    Date of Visit: 13/8/2022 

She is perfect in every way absolutely gorgeous and amazing in bed she blows your mind xx. WILL

Johnny (#2412)

 Date of Review: 12-08-2022  |    Date of Visit: 12/08/2022 

Today I have had experience of my life with the most beautiful girl not easy to describe her very sexy obliging and from my hometown I will definitely come to see her again all I could say what a beauty

What a beautiful girl (#2403)

 Date of Review: 15-07-2022  |    Date of Visit: 6/6/2022 

Showered and lay on my back on the bed, I had wanted to see Tammy as her beautiful body remined me of someone I was lucky enough to spend the night with when in my 20's (now much older). In she came and stood at the bottom of the bed and removed those blue bra and panties. She then started to lightly run her nails up the inside of my legs/thighs over my bits and up to my nipples whilst making conversation and getting me to guess where she was from. What a beautiful face and complexion. I just had to close my eyes and zone out to control myself. I relaxed with my eyes shut and then came that unmistakable feeling you only get from someone skilled giving you the best oral they can. After about 20 seconds, I had to stop her and concentrated again on zoning out with my eyes shut. And then came that other unmistakeable feeling as straddled me and eased me inside of her. I'm not partially big so she was able to take all of me with her beautiful pussy pushing hard against my groin. To last I had to put my hands around her petite waste to stop her from riding me and thankfully she understood perfectly grinding her pussy into my groin and doing amazing internal exercises that pulled and stretched me inside her beautiful vagina. Changing positions helps me last and she understood this saying you need to be in complete control so we got into the missionary position. Again being not partially big helped as she was able to comfortably take all of me which allowed us to push our pubic bones into each other making her cum. As we are about the same height we fitted really well together and as she was able to take me without discomfort we had really relaxed sex with her continually wrapping her legs around me in different ways for all the different feelings it generated. What a girl and what a beautiful feeling being inside her!

Pure Perfection (#2397)

 Date of Review: 11-07-2022  |    Date of Visit: 11/7/2022 

Not had chance to visit for a few weeks so the first chance I got I booked in and amazingly I got in with Tammy. Tammy is pure perfection definitely the best looking woman in the industry and probably one of the best looking women ever anywhere, I’d love to be her neighbour especially in this weather to see her sunbathing in a mini bikini I’d never be away from the window ???? . as for in the room she definitely knows what she’s doing she can get my little soldier stood to attention just by walking in the room and she knows what to do with him when he is. Tammy seems to enjoy what she dose and if she doesn’t she would definitely get best actress at the awards cos she’s got me convinced she enjoys it. I will keep seeing Tammy for as long as she allows me too

Tammy!!! (#2322)

 Date of Review: 08-04-2022  |    Date of Visit: 8/4/2022 

Wow. Where do I start. Tammy is one of the most down to earth people I have met. Very easy going and friendly. She definitely knows how to please.

Amazing kisser, great OWO and she enjoyed it when I returned the favour.

Will definitely see you again Tammy.

Magic (#2309)

 Date of Review: 19-03-2022  |    Date of Visit: 18/3/2022 

Had a appointment with Tammy on 18 March for 1 hour waited in the room for Tammy to come in and when she walked in she Looked Absolutely stunning this Lady is absolutely Magic what more can I say pheeeww thank you Tammy see you soon

Magic (#2290)

 Date of Review: 15-02-2022  |    Date of Visit: 14/2/2022 

Made a appointment with Tammy on 14 February for 1hour waited in the room for Tammy to come in and when she walked in o.m.g she looked absolutely beautiful stunning she has such a beautiful smile and a body you want to play with forever this girl is absolutely amazing couldn't wish of a better way to spend 1hour absolutely amazing awesome very beautiful xxx welcome back Tammy see you soon

The Cat Is Back!!! (#2286)

 Date of Review: 11-02-2022  |    Date of Visit: 11/2/2022 

It's so nice to see that the Cat is back in town! 👍xxx Darren Tic Tac xxx

welcome back (#2284)

 Date of Review: 07-02-2022  |    Date of Visit: 7/2/2022 

seen tammy again today so glad shes back please treat her with the love and respect she diserves we dont want to lose her again

Phenomenal (#2256)

 Date of Review: 09-12-2021  |    Date of Visit: 8/12/2021 

4th time seeing this wonderful lady, frustrating it had been 3 months between visits, but I was touched she remembered me. As always Tammy was amazing ,very gentle and accommodating of my needs, she is a perfect lady in every way. Can't wait til next time. Thanks for taking care of me x

Andrew (#2250)

 Date of Review: 29-11-2021  |    Date of Visit: 29/11/1911 

Had a great 30 mins with tammy played with her amazing tits and nips , gave her shaven pussy a good licking and sucked her pussy lips . finished off with tammy sitting on my rock hard cock untill i exploded in the rubber . cant wait too see her again .

Wow! (Again) (#2245)

 Date of Review: 17-11-2021  |    Date of Visit: 17/11/2021 

Fuck me! It’s been too long…

I returned to Crewe to see Tammy after a good few weeks of missing in action and am I glad I did!

We opened the session with some chit chat after I had showered, caught up as much as we were able to before I wanted Tammy’s lips on mine and her tongue in my mouth.

Some really intimate French kissing whilst naked - always a massive turn on to have our tongues duelling it out with her hand gently stroking the dick.

It wasn’t long before I swapped my tongue for my dicj and had those beautiful eyes staring back at me as the kissing moved down under! I was hard. I was ready.

Some cow girl with missionary to follow. Such a beautiful pussy to have!

We ended with cum in mouth - following some deep thrusts in missionary, I was ready and really didn’t want to risk losing the load to the bag so had her wrap her lips around it as I let it all go.

I love how she doesn’t immediately jump up to spit but rather takes the time to give it even more love as it finishes pumping the load inside her mouth. Exquisite. Great technique.

Sex machine doesn’t even describe it! There is a reason why you have to book in advance!

AMAZING (#2242)

 Date of Review: 14-11-2021  |    Date of Visit: 10/11/2021 

I was sat in the chair Tammy came in wearing an amazing black body stocking so sexy that i soon got her on the bed went down on her made her cum before i rode her from behind doggy style then shagged her against the door before i had her down on her knees and emptied my full load into her mouth .Amazing .

Tammy swallowed every drop. (#2236)

 Date of Review: 05-11-2021  |    Date of Visit: 5/11/2021 

After a good hard fuck in missionary, Tammy positioned her head and wrapped her lips tight round my big cock as she swallowed every drop of my hot spunk. A awesome start to the weekend.

Finally managed to get in to see this beauty (#2198)

 Date of Review: 17-09-2021  |    Date of Visit: 17/9/2021 

I’ve been trying for months to get in to see Tammy she either works when I’m working or always fully booked but today I’ve finally managed to see her it was well with the wait it goes with out say she’s a must to see xx

Perfect (#2189)

 Date of Review: 08-09-2021  |    Date of Visit: 8/9/2021 

I am completely inexperienced with intimacy but tammy was completely understanding and went at a slow pace to make sure I was always comfortable. She was very personable and really easy to talk to, I was very happy with the service and definitely plan to visit again.

Mike (#2188)

 Date of Review: 06-09-2021  |    Date of Visit: 3/9/2021 

Haven't seen Tammy for a couple of months finely made a appointment on 27 of August and wow she was absolutely amazing had to see Tammy again made another appointment on 3 of September stay for 1hour both times and it is not long enough this girl is absolutely magic beautiful body gorgeous face and really good to talk to absolutely awesome girl see you again soon Tammy Magic Mike

Round two (#2178)

 Date of Review: 26-08-2021  |    Date of Visit: 25/8/2021 

My second session with Tammy this time for an hour!

Better than the first booking as the chemistry has started to build now.

Kissing from the beginning again with lots of hugs and contact - very sensual.

We began with a very intimate session of OWO with great eye contact and then moved into sex. Prone bone, cow girl, doggy before stopping so that I could finish in her mouth.

She took it well and made sure her lips didn’t leave the dick until I was empty. That is always the best oral to completion - when the girl isn’t scared about what’s going to come.

We chilled and chatted for the remainder of the time.

She has such a beautiful body it’s hard not to keep commenting on it haha! Endless fun for sure.

Simply the BEST (#2175)

 Date of Review: 17-08-2021  |    Date of Visit: 17/8/2021 

One of the best sessions I’ve ever had.

Intimate and personal from the start! Very skilful with her body with lots of body to body contact and kisses with tongues in between.

Very sensual.

A pretty pussy that looks even better full of cock!

Very sexy figure, slim and petite with a sexy accent to boot.

Definitely worth a visit, but be careful - you’ll never want to be anywhere else except wrapped in her legs!

Simply the best (#2173)

 Date of Review: 13-08-2021  |    Date of Visit: 13/8/2021 

This is the 3rd time I've seen Tammy, and all I can say is shes still the most wonderful lady you could ever meet. Puts you right at ease straight away and the hour goes so quick -time really does fly when you're with this beautiful lady, an absolute pleasure.

The best (#2167)

 Date of Review: 05-08-2021  |    Date of Visit: 09/10/2021 

Saw Tammy for the second time. Started of with oral on me. Then out came the kit bag. My turn to return the favour will licking her pussy she got her wand out and turned it on full power and put it on her clit, what an orgsam. Next was the strap on OMG. Fucked properly and wanked at the same time while sniffing poppers 3 ropes of cum what a mess.

She is so sexy (#2141)

 Date of Review: 24-06-2021  |    Date of Visit: 23/6/2021 

Omg Tammy is so gorgeous, I booked her for half an hour, I think I lasted 5mins, i exploded soon as she touched my cock. I will be back hopefully I last longer next time.

Mike (#2131)

 Date of Review: 05-06-2021  |    Date of Visit: 1/6/2021 

Had a appointment with tammy Last Friday 31 may booked for 1 hour beautiful girl beautiful face gorgeous body thought to myself i have to see her again booked tammy again 4 days later for 1 hour again and she was absolutely amazing easy to talk to had a good laugh with her made her orgasm 3 times tammy is absolutely awesome she also gave me a nickname magic Mike see you again soon TAMMY xxx 😋

B-e-a-utiful, a proper lady (#2129)

 Date of Review: 01-06-2021  |    Date of Visit: 1/6/2021 

A gentleman never tells, so I'm just going to say Tammy is very beautiful and very welcoming, she is a real classy lady and well worth seeing

Gorgeous (#2127)

 Date of Review: 28-05-2021  |    Date of Visit: 28/5/1905 

Wow what a lovely sexy fun young women Had an absolutely fantastic 1hr with Tammy & get accent is so dam sexy.Tbf 1 hr wasn’t enough

Just what i needed! (#2125)

 Date of Review: 26-05-2021  |    Date of Visit: 26/5/2021 

An absoulute lovely girl! I think i can honestly say that theres a new cat in town!!!

I will look forward to seeing you in June!

Darren x

Wow... AGAIN! (#2109)

 Date of Review: 20-05-2021  |    Date of Visit: 19/5/2021 

Spent an hour and a half with this absolute gem of a lady! Needed more than last time to fully experience all of this insatiable woman! Don't want to comment too much on the service as everyone wants different things, but all I know is I have met my match! She is intelligent as well as beautiful and then some... Hope to see you again soon pretty lady! XxX

Wow! (#2107)

 Date of Review: 18-05-2021  |    Date of Visit: 14/5/2021 

An amazing time... Can't wait to see again! Wish I'd stayed the full hour with her and could have spent the whole time just chatting! A keeper! xThanks Tammyx

Dave (#2105)

 Date of Review: 17-05-2021  |    Date of Visit: 14/5/2021 

Saw Tammy on Friday wow what a lovely booking

Dave (#2101)

 Date of Review: 14-05-2021  |    Date of Visit: 14/5/2021 

Just seem Tammy what can I say but wow an amazing time. Thanks Tammy x Dave

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